Choose Lingerie Based on Your Body Type

Do you want your Lingerie to be the perfect fit for your body? Here is a guide for you.

Hourglass Body Type

Wear lingerie that gives your already attractive body more oomph if you have the conventional “36-24-36” figure. Anything rests comfortably on this type of physique since the shoulders and hips are of the same width, and the waist is slim. However, the best items for this body type are garter belts, teddies, and corsets. Another option is to wear a thong or high-leg panty with a lace bra.

Triangle Body Type

The triangle body type is characterized by large hips, which are now popular. When you have a triangle-shaped body, your hips are wider than your shoulders. Your body should appear more proportionate and balanced as a result. An excellent choice is a lace negligee that falls down around the hips yet is tight around the bust. Another excellent choice to highlight your breasts is a bustier. You can also experiment with a matching set that includes a bandeau bra that balances your shoulders and hips and matching underwear with ruffles.

Rectangle Body Type

You have a rectangular body if you are athletic and lack any noticeable curves. Corsets are the greatest choice for something that cinches around the waist, which you require. They add curves and appear seductive. A garter belt or teddy will look wonderful on you if you have a long torso. By wearing push-up bras and bustier lingerie, you can additionally emphasize your breasts.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

This body type is characterized by broad shoulders, and what you choose to display depends on your preferences. Here, halter necks are your best bet. Choose a teddy bear if you have a flatter bum to draw attention away from it. Another seductive choice is a bralette that matches a lace panty or thong. If you prefer a more subdued appearance, matching cami sets are an additional choice.

Round Body Type

You have a round physique if you have a rounded waist and your chest and upper body are significantly wider than your hips. This implies you require undergarments that balance out your figure. A wonderful choice is a negligee that accentuates your breast line and defines your waistline. This kind of body also accommodates a teddy bear effectively. Chemises or satin lingerie gowns are an intriguing choice for beginners because they are sexy and provide coverage.